Register for EuroBSDcon 2013 Earlybird until Sunday 1st

Register now for this years EuroBSDcon 2013 from September 26-27 (Thu+Fri tutorials) and 28-29 (Sat+Sun main conference) in St. Julian’s on Malta. The early-bird special registration¬† expires on Sunday, September 1st.

If you have an interest in BSD OpenSource then EuroBSDcon 2013 is the place to be, to learn, to listen, to meet and to greet . All talks and tutorials are strictly technical and non-commercial in nature. Absolutely no sales pitches. About 220 people have already registered up to now.

This year we have 42 truly excellent exciting talks and 11 in-depth tutorial sessions. To give you a glimpse we have a number of high-profile people giving talks and keynotes:

  • Mr. Nginx, Igor Sysoev, about Nginx architecture and upcoming developments
  • Mr. Varnish, Poul-Henning Kamp, about Varnish high-performance http offloading
  • Mr. Global Top100, Eric Pickup, about Nginx+Redis+PHP+NodeJS powering a global top100 site
  • Mr. Netflix, Scott Long and Alistair Crooks, about how the Netflix video CDN does 30% of the US traffic from BSD servers
  • Mr. PostgreSQL, Magnus Hagander, about upcoming features and performance in PostgreSQL 9.3
  • Mr. ZFS, Matthew Ahrens, about upcoming ZFS features and performance improvements
  • Mr. Cisco Datacenter, Landon Noll, with a keynote about security and its application to systems
  • Mr. Flash, Warner Losh, about the evolution of super high speed flash storage
  • Mr. 40+Gbit, Navdeep Parhar, about the performance of the FreeBSD network stack and driver interface
  • Mr. 700k+IOPS, Alexander Motin, about tomorrows SATA, SAS, SSD, CAM block storage
  • Mr. ARM 64bit servers, Andrew Wafaa, about the upcoming 64bit ARM server cores
  • Mr. NFSv4, Moritz Willers, about very large scale NFS enterprise deployments
  • Mr. OpenBSD, Theo de Raadt, keynote about solving Y2038 before it is too late again
  • and many more:

Meet your favorite major project core developer and talk to him/her directly!

Full day and half day tutorials include:

Advanced BGP and OSPF Routing (Claudio Jeker), Mastering advanced SSH and DNSSEC (Michael W. Lucas), pfSense Firewall (Chris Buechler, Ermal Luci), Firewalls with pf (Peter Hansteen), High available Storage (Jeroen van Nieuwenhuizen), Deploying IPv6 and Setting up OSS VoIP PBX (Massimiliano Stucchi), Design and Implementation of the BSD Kernel (Dr. Kirk McKusick), …, and many more:

We hope you to attend the EuroBSDcon 2013 conference. Make sure to register before the early-bird special expires on Sunday, 1st of September:

Register NOW:

A large number of hotels is available nearby from EUR20 to EUR200/night.

Your partners and family are welcome too and we have organized a guided tour of the islands.

See you on Malta!

yours truly,

André Oppermann (OC Chair)
Noel Beck
Paul Schenkevelt
and the EuroBSDcon Team

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