11 Tutorial Sessions at EuroBSDcon 2013

The EuroBSDcon 2013 Malta conference proudly presents these 11 exciting and in-depth Tutorial Sessions in four tracks over two days, Thursday and Friday, September 26-27, about these hot topics:


Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Kernel (2 days, Thu-Fri) by Dr. Kirk McKusick

pf: Building the Network you Need with pf Packet Filter (1 day, Thu) by Peter N. M. Hansteen

pfSense: Securing your Network in Depth with the Open Source Firewall and VPN Server System(1 day, Fri) by Chris Buechler and Ermal Luci

IPv6: Deploying and Managing Networks and Services (1 day, Thu) by Massimiliano Stucchi and Philip Paeps

SSH: Mastering Advanced Features and Efficient Usage in Small and Large Environments (half day, Fri) by Michael W. Lucas

DNSSEC: Mastering DNS Security (with BIND) (half day, Fri) by Michael W. Lucas

VoIP: Setting Up and Configuring Asterisk Soft-PBX on BSD (half day, Fri) by Massiniliano Stucchi

FreeBSD: Storage Setup Options with Filesystems, Partitioning, Boot Loaders, and Installers (half day, Thu) by Paul Schenkeveld

HAST: Highly Available Storage on FreeBSD (half day, Thu) by Jeroen van Nieuwenhuizen

BGP, OSPF: Advanced Network Routing with OpenOSPFD and OpenBGPD (half day, Fri) by Claudio Jeker

Prime Numbers: Breaking the Record (half day, Fri) by Dr. Landon Curt Noll


The in-depth tutorials fee for two full days is only EUR 360 per person, for individuals only EUR 320 and students EUR 180 respectively, including lunches and coffee breaks with snacks.  One day and half-day fees are available as well, please see the registration page. You can mix and match the tutorials as long as they are not overlapping.

For women in technology we have a free entrance and travel grant program in  cooperation with Google to improve diversity.  Interested women can apply at the Women in Tech Conference and Travel Grants EMEA site and make a note during EuroBSDcon 2013 registration.

More details and a schedule on the Tutorials and Tutors: EuroBSDcon 2013 Tutorial Sessions.

Registration for the Tutorials and the conference: EuroBSDcon 2013 Registration.

Make sure to secure your seat and register NOW!

Social Events, Partners and Family

Attendees are encouraged to bring their partners and family along for an extended weekend.  A side program is organized.  The location Malta has a rich history, sunny and warm weather, great scuba diving sites, nice beaches, and is well worth a visit.  The social event on Saturday evening is a beach BBQ where partners and family are equally welcome. For more information see the EuroBSDcon social events and side program page.


We want to thank the EuroBSDcon 2013 sponsors again for making this conference possible: The FreeBSD Foundation (platinum), Google Inc. (platinum), Netflix Inc. (gold), HOB GmbH & Co. KG (silver), iXsystems Inc. (silver), BSDeurope.eu (silver), CloudSigma AG (silver), The NetBSD Foundation (bronze), PC Engines GmbH (bronze), Snow B.V. (bronze), Madison Gurkha B.V. (bronze), Esdenera Networks GmbH (bronze).


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