42 Talks and 2 Keynotes at EuroBSDcon 2013

The EuroBSDcon 2013 Malta conference proudly presents these 42 exciting and in-depth talks in three tracks and two keynotes over two days, Saturday and Sunday, September 28-29, about these hot topics:


Y2038: Going long-long on time_t to cope with 2,147,483,647+1 by Theo de Raadt

Security Lesson Takeaways Through the Ages by Landon Curt Noll

Track #1

Modernizing and Improving the Buffer Cache and VFS Midlayer in OpenBSD by Bob Beck

SCSI Multipathing in OpenBSD by David Gwynne

SATA, SAS, SSD, CAM: The Block Storage Subsystem in FreeBSD by Alexander Motin

FLASH: High Speed and High IOP Data Storage Options by Warner Losh

Open ZFS: Upcoming Features and Performance Enhancements with illumos and FreeBSD joining Forces by Matthew Ahrens and Martin Matuska

Deploying Secure NFS v3/v4 in a Large Enterprise by Moritz Willers

Automated Deployment of FreeBSD/PCBSD Systems by Kris Moore

Nginx: Architecture, Performance and Future Enhancements by Igor Sysoev

Varnish Cache: High-Performance Reverse HTTP Server Offloading by Poul-Henning Kamp

The new LAMP: Powering a Global Top100 Site with Varnish, Nginx, Redis, PHP, and NodeJS by Eric Pickup

Running the Netflix Video CDN on FreeBSD and Handling 30% of all US Internet Traffic by Alistair Crooks

Relayd: Improved High Availability Load-balancing and Connection Proxying by Reyk Floeter

Mitigating and Isolating DDoS at Layer7 using Global Server Load Balancing with gdnsd on FreeBSD by Allan Jude

Realtime Distribution of Anti-SPAM Black and White Lists using BGP by Peter Hessler

Track #2

PostgeSQL 9.3: Upcoming Features by Magnus Hagander

From Bsdtar to Tarsnap Building an Online Backup Service by Colin Percival

Bacula: The Networked Backup Open Source Solution by Dan Langille

NPF: NetBSD Packet Filter Design, Features, Performance, and Latest Developments by Mindaugas Rasiukevicius

Firewalling and Security in an IPv6 World by Massimiliano Stucchi

Kuya: Automated Software Testing Framework on NetBSD by Julio Merino

ESO Extremely Large Telescope: Real Time Control for Adaptive Optics with FreeBSD by Poul-Henning Kamp

Zero-Copy Socket Splicing in the OpenBSD Kernel by Alexander Bluhm

Netmap: The Fast Network Packet I/O Framework by Luigi Rizzo

Traffic Deep Inspection: Realtime Traffic Analysis at 20Gbit/s using Netmap on FreeBSD by Fabrizio Invernizzi

The Surprising Complexity of TCP/IP Checksums by Henning Brauer

Reaching 40Gbit/s and beyond with the FreeBSD Network Stack and Driver Interface by Navdeep Parhar

Extending the FreeBSD Kernel to Netflix Video CDN Scale by Scott Long

Highly Parallel, lock-less, user-space TCP/IP Stack based on FreeBSD by Michael Dubiel

Track #3

Towards a BSD Licensed and GPL-free Toolchain for NetBSD by Jörg Sonnenberger

Towards modern IAA Facilities in UNIX: Redesigning Identity, Authentication and Authorization by Dag-Erling Smorgrav

ASR: New Asynchronous DNS Resolver Implementation for OpenBSD by Eric Faurot

Packages on FreeBSD: Back to the Present by Baptiste Daroussin

Ports and Packages in OpenBSD: Refactoring an Existing Tool Base by Marc Espie

Porting Modern KDE4 to OpenBSD: A Success Story by Vadim Zhukov

Porting Firefox to BSD: How to Keep Up with Fast Moving Projects and Upstream Patches by Landry Breuil

Introducing the 64bit ARMv8 Architecture by Andrew Wafaa

NetBSD on Marvell Armada XP System on a Chip by Zbigniew Bodek

Porting FreeBSD/ARM to new SoC’s and Boards by Andrew Turner

Porting NetBSD to the AVR32 Architecture by Tomás Nino Kehoe and Leandro Santi

Virtualization on Intel Itanium by Klaus Brandstätter

FreeBSD BHyve Hypervisor hosting Other Systems by Peter Grehan

Security Infrastructure in the FreeBSD Kernel by Kirk McKusick

Track #4

Saturday only: FreeBSD Developer Summit Presentations by various presenters will be announced shortly before the conference begins.


The full conference fee is only EUR 215 per person, for individuals only EUR 190 and students only EUR 120 respectively, for the two full talk days including lunches, coffee breaks with snacks and the social event beach BBQ on Saturday evening. You can attend any talks and tracks you want.

For women in technology we have a free entrance and travel grant program in  cooperation with Google to improve diversity.  Interested women can apply at the Women in Tech Conference and Travel Grants EMEA site and make a note during EuroBSDcon 2013 registration.

More details and schedule on the Talks and Speakers: EuroBSDcon 2013 Presentations, Talks and Speakers.

Register for the EuroBSDcon 2013 conference: EuroBSDcon 2013 Registration.

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Social Events, Partners and Family

Attendees are encouraged to bring their partners and family along for an extended weekend.  A side program is organized.  The location Malta has a rich history, sunny and warm weather, great scuba diving sites, nice beaches, and is well worth a visit.  The social event on Saturday evening is a beach BBQ where partners and family are equally welcome. For more information see the EuroBSDcon social events and side program page.


We want to thank the EuroBSDcon 2013 sponsors again for making this conference possible: The FreeBSD Foundation (platinum), Google Inc. (platinum), Netflix Inc. (gold), HOB GmbH & Co. KG (silver), iXsystems Inc. (silver), BSDeurope.eu (silver), CloudSigma AG (silver), The NetBSD Foundation (bronze), PC Engines GmbH (bronze), Snow B.V. (bronze), Madison Gurkha B.V. (bronze), Esdenera Networks GmbH (bronze).


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